I always knew there was a program out there where you could take classes on a ship and travel around the world, but I never knew what it was called. I had heard it was pretty expensive and never really looked in to it that much, I just figured I wouldn’t have the time to do it during the fall or spring semester. But then in the Fall of 2011 I saw that a girl I was supposed to room with at Alabama was posting pictures from a Semester at Sea trip onto Facebook. I looked through all of them and was amazed at all of the places she went so I searched for a Facebook group through Semester at Sea. It turns out that I know 5 other people that had done a Semester at Sea, I was pleasantly surprised and so I ended up ‘liking’ the Facebook page. I continuously got updates on Facebook and decided to actually look into their website in the beginning of January 2012. Now 5 months later I am writing a blog post before I head out to Sea in 6 days!! I still can’t believe I am actually going on this trip. Even though I didn’t know much about the program, traveling the world has been a huge dream of mine and now in six days I will be on the MV Explorer heading to Barcelona, Spain!